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We have a few things to say about bathtub refinishing

Bathtubs are Like Cars – The Bathtub Tuneup

By Tom Dewell | June 13, 2018

A bathtub tuneup is like a car tuneup. While this might seem silly, it’s worth a look. Both a bathtub and a car are shiny and clean when they’re new. But as they age and used, they become worn and need cleaning and maintenance to continue to look good year after year. As the shiny finish fades …

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Lead in Bathtubs Is your Family safe?

By Tom Dewell | April 5, 2018

Lead in Bathtubs – what you need to know if you have kids. Did you know that lead poisoning is the number one preventable health hazard for children in America? Lead is found in many household items such as household paint, in vinyl miniblinds, and in household dust. And did you know that bathtubs can …

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Prepare Your House for Resale With Refinished Countertops

By Barbara Dewell | April 17, 2018

3 Fast, cost-effective ways to Prepare Your House for Resale with refinished countertops As any Realtor will tell you, kitchens and bathrooms sell the house.  If buyers are looking at a few different houses they really like and can’t make a decision, the home with the nicest kitchen and bathroom fixtures usually gets the offer.  …

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Ashamed of Your Bathtub Appearance?

By Barbara Dewell | April 17, 2018

Are you ashamed of your bathtub’s appearance? Turn that shame into pride in one day with bathtub refinishing. Have you ever had people over and been embarrassed by the appearance of your bathroom, specifically your bathtub?   After all the cleaning and scrubbing you did, the bathtub still looked dingy, maybe even dirty?  It just won’t look …

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Kitchen Countertop Refinishing

By Barbara Dewell | April 5, 2018

How I Updated My Old Kitchen in One Day with No Tear-Outs or Remodeling with Kitchen Countertop Refinishing And wow!  What a difference!  Kitchen countertop refinishing was something I’d heard about, but I’d never needed it before. My house had pale yellow tiles on the kitchen countertops that were old, outdated, worn and chipped.  Yellow …

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Non-Slip Bathtub Surfaces are an Important Safety Consideration

By Barbara Dewell | March 22, 2018

Non-slip bathtub surfaces are an important safety consideration for your family. PROBLEMS SLIPPING IN YOUR BATHTUB? ORDER NON-SLIP BATHTUB SURFACES WITH YOUR REFINISHED BATHTUB OR SHOWER Refinished bathtubs can be a bit more slippery than your original bathtub surface. At Commercial Bath Refinishing we offer an additional feature while refinishing/reglazing your bathtubs and showers—a non-slip surface. …

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Bathroom Vanity Refinishing

By Barbara Dewell | March 13, 2018

Do I LOVE my bathroom vanity refinishing job? You bet! Let me tell you my story… I bought a 46-year-old condo in San Diego County from the original owners. It was in good shape, but hadn’t had a single upgrade since they purchased it new… 46 years earlier. The guest bathroom vanity top was that …

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