Bathtubs are Like Cars – The Bathtub Tuneup

A bathtub tuneup is like a car tuneup. While this might seem silly, it’s worth a look. Both a bathtub and a car are shiny and clean when they’re new. But as they age and used, they become worn and need cleaning and maintenance to continue to look good year after year.

As the shiny finish fades over time, they both start getting hard to clean and can look dingy. At this point, you may consider a replacement. However, there are usually several options. The obvious choice is that you can purchase a new bathtub or a new car which in both cases are relatively expensive. Conversely, we may have the option to repaint the vehicle or refinish the tub. Either way, the latter will typically save the owner roughly 80% of the cost of new.

Sometimes when you think you might need to paint a car, all it may need is just an excellent detail. A good detailer can work magic! The same is true of a bathtub tuneup. A thorough cleaning, re-caulking, and some minor touchups will go a long way to extending the life of the fixture. It can even put off a bath refinishing job for several years. At Commercial Bath, we call that a “tub tuneup.” Bathtubs are like cars, they need maintenance to be their best.

While it may seem odd that a bathtub refinishing company would suggest ways to delay needing our services, in the long-term doing the right thing makes sense for everyone.

We offer a free in-house training class for apartment managers, management companies, hotels, and their maintenance staff. We cover how to do a tub tune-up and the proper use of tub caulking. When latex caulk is appropriate and when It may be necessary to use silicone. We are also happy to address any questions you have about bath refinishing or anything bathroom related. After 25 years in the business, we’ve learned a few things about bathrooms, and we love sharing our experiences!

We typically schedule a 30 minutes meeting, and we promise to make it worth your while. We even bring doughnuts and leave you with some expertise that will save your company time and money. You will be ready to do your own bathtub tuneup.

Commercial Bath offers a limited number of on-site complimentary training sessions each month, so call today to get on our schedule! To register for your training class, please contact Ginger at (858) 229-2875, or email her using We look forward to seeing you!

Tom Dewell

Author, Speaker, and Founder, and CEO of Commercial Bath Refinishing. We specialize in bathtub refinishing as well as kitchen and countertop refinishing and have been in business for over 25 years.