Ceramic Tile Refinishing – Spiff up Your House for Resale

Ceramic tile refinishing helps sell a house

As any Realtor will tell you, kitchens and bathrooms weigh in heavily in the sale of a house.  If buyers are looking at a few different houses they like and can’t make a decision, the home with the nicest kitchen and bathroom fixtures usually gets the offer.  Few people look forward to the prospect of having to update a house after moving in. If you have an outdated, dull kitchen, or scratched, chipped bathroom fixtures, refinishing will give you that edge over other homes for sale in your area and increase the offer. Buyers typically estimate on the high side if they have to do work on the house and that reflects in their offer.

Ceramic tile refinishing in the kitchen and bathroom will win the day for you!

Over the years I’ve bought and sold a lot of houses.
  All other things being equal, the kitchen and baths have always been a major factor in deciding which home to buy.

When I see a clean, warm kitchen with beautiful countertops and nice appliances, I can picture myself working in that kitchen.  Like this one that has been refinished – the ceramic tile refinishing really cleaned and brightened up the countertop.  The porcelain double sink was also refinished:

ceramic tile refinishing after

Doesn’t that look MUCH nicer than this one below – the “before” photo?

ceramic tile before

And when I see a nice clean, shiny bathroom with a glossy bathtub/shower and updated countertops, I can imagine how I’ll decorate that bathroom and how much I’ll enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub.  This bathroom really gained some sales appeal after the porcelain tub and ceramic tile refinishing:

bathtub refinishing sample

When I’m buying a house, I don’t want to “fix it,” I want to move in and enjoy living in my new home from day one.

A few years ago I was selling my home that had:

  1. a kitchen with a dull countertop (and I have to admit a few scratches here and there),
  2. a master bathroom with a very outdated vanity top, and
  3. a guest bathroom with a stall shower that had a grimy shower pan that I just couldn’t get clean anymore, not that I didn’t try. It was just old and porous.

I had Commercial Bath Refinishing come out and they took care of my kitchen countertop, master bathroom vanity top, and the guest bathroom shower pan. Those were my “3 fast, cost-effective ways to spiff up my house for resale.”  And it worked!

When they were done all three fixtures were like new — clean and glossy, not a scratch, chip or dull finish anywhere.   I should have done this sooner so I could have enjoyed the updated surfaces myself!

Those were the three things I did that I really think helped bring buyers back for a second look.  And the house sold quickly.

If you’re planning to sell your home, REFINISH—IT WORKS!

Whether your fixtures are in REALLY bad condition or just need updating, your refinished countertop, vanity top, tub or shower will look GREAT when it’s done – LIKE NEW.

You can see why a home would sell faster and for more after refinishing the older, outdated fixtures in the photos.  It’s pretty amazing. And will bring potential buyers back for a second look.

Tom Dewell

Author, Speaker, and Founder, and CEO of Commercial Bath Refinishing. We specialize in bathtub refinishing as well as kitchen and countertop refinishing and have been in business for over 25 years.