Lead in Bathtubs Is your Family safe?

Lead in Bathtubs – what you need to know if you have kids.

Did you know that lead poisoning is the number one preventable health hazard for children in America? Lead is found in many household items such as household paint, in vinyl miniblinds, and in household dust. And did you know that bathtubs can contain as much as 88% lead in the glaze from the manufacturer? Many manufacturers continue to use the poisonous substance in the glaze for their cast iron, porcelain, and steel enamel tubs. Why is this continuing to happen?

The answer is that companies will always try to increase their bottom line. Lead is inexpensive, it is durable, and it can be fired at lower temperatures all resulting in a higher profit margin for the tub manufacturer — all at the expense of our family’s safety.

Inspections reveal lead in bathtubs. According to research done by American Lead Consultants, a national franchise company which specializes in the inspection of homes for lead, 50% of the time, when an older home is inspected, lead is present. In many cases, the enamel is cracking and it is clear that the lead is leaching into the water when a bath is drawn. This can be very dangerous for a child who is bathed in that tub. In other situations, due to the hardness of the water, or the use of harsh detergents, the enamel finish is worn down, and even though no visual signs of cracks or damage are there, the lead can still get into the water in which the child is bathed, or can be picked up by the child simply playing in the tub, touching the tub surface, and placing his hand into his mouth or eyes. What should you do?

If you suspect there is in lead in the bathtubs in your home, you should have them tested. You can do this in the first instance by using a home testing kit found at most large home improvement stores or child safety stores. In addition, if your children are under the age of 7, and you suspect that lead is present in your home, it is a good idea to consult your pediatrician regarding having their blood tested for lead. If lead is present at an abnormal level, then it is important to identify the source of the lead and to keep the child away from that source.

Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing is the solution to lead in bathtubs.  Did you know that having your porcelain bathtub refinished is the only sure way of eliminating the threat of leaching lead? When a professional bathtub refinishing company is hired to refinish or reglaze the entire tub, a new coat is sprayed over the existing porcelain and will completely encapsulate the old finish ensuring not only a beautiful new finish but also a safe outcome. Need a reputable refinishing company?

Call Commercial Bath Refinishing. For over 25 years CBR has been restoring bathtubs to their original glory. Call them today and make your home safe and beautiful again.

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