Ashamed of Your Bathtub Appearance?

Are you ashamed of your bathtub's appearance? Turn that shame into pride in one day with bathtub refinishing.

rusted porcelain bathtub to be refinishedHave you ever had people over and been embarrassed by the appearance of your bathroom, specifically your bathtub?   After all the cleaning and scrubbing you did, the bathtub still looked dingy, maybe even dirty?  It just won’t look clean anymore?  Unfortunately, that affects the appearance of the whole bathroom.   You hope guests won’t glance in if they pass by the bathroom.

If your porcelain tub is old, chipped, dingy, and worn on the bottom, Bathtub Refinishing can change all that.  It will bring your tub back to its original beauty.   Thankfully, bathtubs last a long time, but sadly the finish doesn’t.  After serving a family for years, porcelain bathtubs become dull and the porcelain finish may be chipped. After years of cleaning with abrasive products, the surface will wear and become porous, especially on the bottom of the tub.

If this sounds like your bathtub, and you are ashamed of your bathtub appearance - I have two words for you:  Bathtub Refinishing!

Fiberglass bathtubs also wear down over the years.  When new, they are bright and shiny and so easy to keep clean. But just like porcelain bathtubs, fiberglass tubs will eventually lose their shine and smooth finish and will become dull and porous.   Your tub might even have some hairline cracks.If you have a fiberglass tub that’s past its prime, again I have two words for you:  Bathtub Refinishing!

An unsightly tub affects the appearance of your entire bathroom.

Maybe you keep your shower doors closed so guests can’t see the tub.  Or you might pull your shower curtain closed to hide your unsightly bathtub.  Well, you might think about how Bathtub Refinishing can bring your tub back to its original beauty.  It can be nice and clean and shiny again in just ONE DAY.

If needed, chips or scratches will be repaired, hairline cracks will be fixed, and Bathtub Refinishing will give you a tub that looks like new.  Bright.  Shiny.  Clean.  At a fraction of the cost of replacement.   Refinished one day, ready to use the next.

If your tub is bright and shiny again, you’ll be proud to have guests glance in as they walk by.

Honestly, why would you put up with a bathtub you don’t want your guests to see?  You and your family use it every day.  You deserve a beautiful, clean, updated bathtub.  And don’t forget to ask about having a non-slip surface applied to your newly refinished bathtub.

Call today and make an appointment - you deserve Bathtub Refinishing!