Kitchen Countertop Refinishing

How I Updated My Old Kitchen in One Day with No Tear-Outs or Remodeling

with Kitchen Countertop Refinishing

How I Updated My Old Kitchen in One Day with Kitchen Countertop Refinishing

And wow!  What a difference!  Kitchen countertop refinishing was something I’d heard about, but I’d never needed it before.

My house had pale yellow tiles on the kitchen countertops that were old, outdated, worn and chipped.  Yellow tiles probably looked cheery and bright when the kitchen was new.  But now they made the kitchen itself look old and outdated.

Here’s what I did:

  • I called Commercial Bath Refinishing.
  • We scheduled an appointment for them to come out and do some kitchen countertop refinishing.
  • When the countertops were done – a one-day job – I had a gorgeous kitchen with beautiful, clean, updated countertops.

When I saw how great my kitchen looked, I wondered why I hadn’t done this sooner.  And, you know what?  If I ever have another house with such outdated, worn counters again, I’ll have the countertops refinished as soon as I move in!

There are lots of kitchen countertop refinishing colors to choose from

The color I picked had a beautiful finish and went perfectly with my white walls and appliances and darker wood cabinets.  See the photo with the double sink?  That’s the “after” picture.  That color was perfect!

I have counters on both sides of the kitchen as well as next to the fridge on the end wall, so there were a lot of counters to do.  Some of the tiles looked good, but some were cracked and around the sink, they were worn and porous and really hard to keep clean.

This is a photo of my grandson on his third birthday.  He made those cupcakes himself, with just a little help from me, and then decorated them all.  We had so many different kinds, sizes, and colors of sprinkles.  He was so proud of himself.  We each ate one and packed up the rest to bring home to his family.  So fun!

kid blowing candles and Kitchen Countertop Refinishing

You can see the cracked corner in the photo and how bad the grout looked.

kid with cupcakes and Kitchen Countertop Refinishing

Now look at the photo below – smooth, clean, no dirty grout, no cracked tiles.  Commercial Bath Refinishing repaired any areas that needed fixing – the cracks and chips – then did the kitchen countertop refinishing.  I wouldn’t have known about the poor shape the tiles were in if I hadn’t seen the “before” countertops.  Perfect job!

And for me, there was an added bonus!

I had been planning to paint the old wood cupboards.  The cupboards were outdated and just didn’t look good; I was thinking about painting them white.  It was going to be a BIG job for me.  After the kitchen countertop refinishing was done, the cupboards looked so much better!  I don’t know why – they just did.

Maybe my new refinished countertops just went better with the tone of the wood than the older pale yellow tile.  Or maybe just updating the counters made the whole kitchen look better.  The change really was amazing, and I never did paint the cupboards.

Kitchen countertop refinishing is AMAZING!  Call Commercial Bath Refinishing today to schedule an appointment to update YOUR kitchen countertops!

Photo Credit:  Barbara Dewell

Barbara Dewell