non-slip bathtub surfaces keep kids safe

Non-Slip Bathtub Surfaces are an Important Safety Consideration

Non-slip bathtub surfaces are an important safety consideration for your family.



Refinished bathtubs can be a bit more slippery than your original bathtub surface. At Commercial Bath Refinishing we offer an additional feature while refinishing/reglazing your bathtubs and showers—a non-slip surface.

Application of a non-slip material (a silica sand additive) to the bathtub bottom during the refinishing process will help prevent slip and fall hazards. We highly recommend having this done.

One thing you need to be aware of when having your tub/shower refinished is that most bath mats will produce a reaction with the new surface when subjected to hot water and will lift the coating. This can void your warranty, so you definitely don’t want to use a bathmat with suction cups.

Obviously, no one wants to fall in the tub or shower, and that’s especially important for seniors or when bathing your children or pets.

What can you do if you don’t have the non-slip bathtub surfaces applied to your tub? You still have three options I can think of.

1. A very simple thing to do is lay down a fiber bathmat before filling the tub. (The type of bath mat that’s made to lay on the bathroom floor outside the tub or shower, and you step out onto it after bathing.) Make sure it’s laying flat and secure on the tub bottom before putting kids or pets into the water.

2. Or–what I used to do—place a bath towel down on the surface to keep the little ones and pets from slipping. My kids weren’t wiggly in the tub, so a towel worked for us, but not all kids will sit still while bathing.

Before you know it, you might have a bunched-up soggy bath towel and no protection from slipping.

This would be my least favorable choice, but probably better than nothing until you can find or purchase something better. Back in the day, it worked for me, but I’ve learned a lot about safety in the home since then and I wouldn’t do this now.

3. Probably the best bet if you don’t have non-slip bathtub surfaces in your tub and/or shower would be to purchase a bath mat that is specially made for refinished/reglazed surfaces, like the one shown below.

If you research online or call nearby stores, be sure to look for “a bath mat made for refinished and reglazed bathtubs.”

I found many bathmats available during my search for “bath mats with no suction cups,” but most that came up DID have suction cups.  Make sure there is a photo that shows the bottom of the mat if purchasing online. non-slip bathtub surfaces - a good bathmat does the trick

By far the safest, easiest option is to have the non-slip surface added when your tub/shower is refinished.

Once it’s done, it’s done.  It’s a no-brainer, a permanent, easy thing to do to make your family’s bath time safer.

Call Commercial Bath Refinishing today to schedule an appointment.  And don’t forget the non-slip!