bathroom vanity refinishing

Bathroom Vanity Refinishing

Do I LOVE my bathroom vanity refinishing job?

You bet! Let me tell you my story…

I bought a 46-year-old condo in San Diego County from the original owners. It was in good shape, but hadn’t had a single upgrade since they purchased it new… 46 years earlier.

The guest bathroom vanity top was that old-fashioned cultured marble material. It was white with huge black swirls throughout. Lots of BLACK. It struck me as kind of ominous looking. It was in great condition, but so outdated.

I wish I had photos of the original vanity top for comparison. You’ll have to picture it for yourself -- just think of what it would look like from my description above, and add another 30 percent ugly to that picture.

I really couldn’t live with the vanity; the marble design had to go. So I did some research on how much it would cost to replace it using different materials, factoring in the installation time and cost. Or should I go for refinishing?

What did I decide? I had it refinished. Beyond a doubt my best option: the least expensive - and time-wise a true winner! I had Commercial Bath Refinishing come in and refinish it in ONE DAY.

I chose the colors I wanted and scheduled a date. When the technicians arrived – after I had left for work - they taped masking paper around the vanity top and whatever other prep work they do, refinished it, and left my condo as clean as it was when they arrived.

The next day they came back and removed the paper and tape, did a quality inspection, and went on to their next lucky homeowner’s appointment.

When I got home, I couldn’t believe the difference. My refinished vanity top pictured is white with a bit of speckling that tied in with my vanity cabinet color really nicely. I had painted the walls and cabinet as well as replacing the faucet, and let me tell you – my refinished vanity top was truly the icing on the cake.

I was so thrilled about how great it looked, I went out and bought the little daisy flower holder on the counter and the pretty blue soap dispenser as well as new towels that were in the same color scheme. Wow, does it look great! I’m so proud of that bathroom and I always get compliments from my guests.

Do you have a bathroom vanity top with issues?

Refinish it! You know you’ll do it sooner or later - decide to do it sooner. You deserve a beautiful bathroom vanity refinishing job in a beautiful bathroom!

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